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Application and development of hybrid machine

Mixing machine is the use of mechanical force and gravity, the two and more than two kinds of uniform mixing of materials. Mixer is widely used in various industries and daily life. As in the pharmaceutical industry, the different components of the raw materials are evenly mixed together to form a compound material; also can increase the contact surface area, in order to promote chemical reactions; also can accelerate the physical changes, such as adding granular solute solvent by mechanical mixing effect can accelerate the dissolution of mixing.
Mixing requires uniform distribution of all materials involved in mixing. Divided into ideal mixing, random mixing and completely immiscible three state mixed degree. The degree of mixing of various materials in the mixing machine depends on the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical state and characteristics, as well as the type of mixing machinery used and the duration of the mixed operation and other factors.
Experts said that many users in the powder, powder mixing equipment selection of many domestic original vertical cone mixing equipment, but experts suggest, because the vertical cone mixer has many disadvantages, maintenance rate is very high, so the powder / powder or granular materials are mixed, should choose the horizontal mixer, the mixing equipment high efficiency, good mixing quality, discharge time is short, less residue.
The mixing machine market has great potential to foreign enterprises also want to eat the cake, kredietkaartmaatschappij and foreign enterprises compared to China’s gap, of course, also has certain advantages, in short to contend with foreign enterprises still need technical support, innovation is the enterprise this.
As a sunrise industry, the development of hybrid machinery industry is undoubtedly huge. Under the support of national policy, China’s hybrid machinery industry there is great scope for development of machinery industry, mixing machine should seize this historic opportunity to re innovation on the basis of digestion and absorption, to accelerate the pace of large-scale localization of key equipment.
To speed up the mixing machine industrial upgrading, to actively promote the establishment and improvement of business oriented technological innovation system, strengthen the integrated innovation ability in the digestion and absorption on the basis of the enterprise, increase the development strength and capital investment, innovation driven, continue to rely on advanced technology to promote the development of machinery industry, mixed, benign in order to promote the recycling industry.

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