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JB Series Airflow Sieving

JB Series Airflow Sieving

Detailed description

Main Usage: 
This rotary screener is a kind of classification screener for solid granules, to be matched with the operation of medical powder line or to be operated as single machines. It is suitable for the materials-screening in the processing of the medicine, chemicals, and foodstuff in high viscosity, high fibrin, and high mesh with an ideal result.


Working Method:
This machine consists of machine base, hull, materials-screwing in/out devices, and motor etc. A sift structure is equipped in the cylinder which the target materials were turn up-and-down continuously by the scraper to push the materials forward until the fine material is drop from the sieve. The others are pushed ahead continually until to be sent out from the exit for coarse materials. The machine has the features of reliable technical performance, smooth running, low noiso, and easy operating, etc.

Technical parameter
Model Capacity Number of mesh Power Speed Overall Size (mm) Weight
JB-190 100-1500 20-200 3 940 1700×600×1630 200
JB-300 200-2000 20-200 4 620 1735×750×2400 450
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