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JB Series Dry Granulating Machine

JB Series Dry Granulating Machine

Detailed description

Working Principle:
It is based on the principle of mechanical squeezing and granulation. Raw materials, which are usually crystal mixtures or powder mixtures with some crystal water, are squeezed into flake-shape before they go through the granulation system. The sieve unit is then used to obtain certain sized final products.
Raw materials are put into the hopper by hand or vacuum conveyer. The horizontal screws then deliver the raw materials into the squeezing unit, which includes vertical compression rollers, to squeeze raw materials into flake-shape. How long the raw materials stay in the squeezing unit depends on the speed of the compression rollers.
There is a hydraulic device transferring pressure linearly to the compression rollers and this device can maintain a certain level of pressure itself. The vertical arrangement of the compression rollers can keep the consistency of the product’s density.
Screens in the screening unit can be changed based on different requirements of the mesh size of the final product.

JB Series Dry Granulating Machine

Merits of JB Series Dry Granulator:
Powder raw materials are made into granular product directly based on users’ requirements, without any intermedium or additive. The final product is even granular with good quality of density. During the smooth process, the material dust is well controlled to reduce the waste. Further, the design of the equipment makes the storage and carriage more convenient. All the solubility, porosity and specific surface area are controllable.
It is specialized in the area where traditional wet granulators are not suitable in, and the materials are unstable under sticky circumstances.
JB Series Dry Granulator is energy economic and environmental friendly latest-type equipment. It is much better than traditional wet granulators in many aspects, such as saving labors and material resources, and also saving money.

JB Series Dry Granulating Machine

Application of JB Series Dry Granulator:

Pharmaceutical Industry—- granule in both western and Chinese medicines, granule in antibiotic capsules and antibiotic injection, granule in medicines for animals, granule in preparation used in power for dialysis.
Food Industry—-granule in flavoring and seasoning, granule used in refreshment, granule in healthy food.
Chemical Industry and Others—-cosmetic, farm chemical, industrial chemicals, animal’s food, detergent.

Technical parameter
Model Capacity Cylinder Push Power Total Power Mesh 16-60 Weight Overall Size (mm)
JB-70 5-60 19 7 85%以上 1300 1500×960×1545
JB-120 10-110 22 11.55 85%以上 1850 1800×1200×2150
JB-200 20-220 40 16.25 85%以上 2300 2100×1500×2380
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