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JB Series Dust Free Crusher

JB Series Dust Free Crusher

JB Series Dust Free Crusher

Detailed description

Main Usage: 
JB series crushed aggregate system is combined with GMP and cGMP specification carefully designed high performance products. This product has solved the grind powder pollution, in the process of crushing machine cavity fever caused by the material scrap, and the damage of screen mesh material jams dust float in the sky. Applicable to the sugar, extract, donkey-hide gelatin etc. the shattering of the crystal materials.
JB series Dust Free Crusher System system consists of vacuum (optional), screw feeder, universal grinder, dust-free bin, in addition to iron (optional), star valve (optional), PLC control system, etc.

Working Method:
According to GMP and CGMP validation criteria and standard design
Same power consumption situation, higher than the traditional pattern of crushing efficiency 50% ~ 100
All closed production process, reduce material consumption
Crush process automatic control, greatly reduce artificial labor intensity
Advanced filtration technology, make the equipment can be installed directly in clean workshop
Automatic control feeding speed into the crusher body get the machine running stable
No dead Angle, easy disassembly design combined with quick cleaning, special tool disassembly, convenient and quick
All equipment inside surface polishing treatment, arc Angle transition, no health dead Angle
System can be configured in addition to iron, effectively remove the iron in the material stuff


Technical parameter
Model Main Structural Dimensions(mm) Capacity Input Particle
Output  Particle
Machine weight Speed Total power
L W H1 H2 H3 Kg/H mm mesh Kg Rpm/min KW
JB-20 1150 1200 1950 1650 700 60-180 <5 20-100 600 4600 6.2
JB-30 1270 1300 2100 1800 850 100-400 <5 20-100 900 3800 10.5
JB-40 1350 1350 2150 1900 850 200-800 <5 20-100 1150 3400 14
JB-50 1400 1500 2200 1980 850 280-1000 <5 20-100 1500 2900 24
JB-60 1600 1700 2400 2100 850 300-1200 <5 20-100 1800 2300 29.5
JB-80 1650 1800 2500 2250 850 400-1800 <5 20-100 2300 1800 44.5
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