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JB Series Pin-type Mill

JB Series Pin-type Mill

JB Series Pin-type Mill

Model Main Structural Dimensions(mm) Capacity Input Particle Size Output Particle Size Speed Machine weight Total power
L W H1 H2 H3 Kg/h mm mesh Rpm/min kg KW
JB-250 1400 1300 2570 2300 650 20-120 <6 60-200 5000/2900 600 13.35
JB-350 1450 1450 2570 2410 650 100-500 <8 60-200 4200/2500 1000 18.35
JB-450 1600 1650 2890 2700 650 150-800 <8 60-200 3500/2200 1500 27.85
JB-650 2000 1850 3110 2860 650 250-1000 <10 60-200 3000/200 2300 42.85
Detailed description

Working Method:
Material is delivered from the hopper into the crushing cavity by screw conveyor.Between  the impact / cutting / grinding of the high speed rotating cutter and the fixed cutter or the movable cutting tool,it is crushed.Then the powder discharge through the screen. Crushed size can be adjusted by changing the screen or adjusting the different rpm.

Main advantages:
According to the international advanced grinding technology research and design, the structure is novel and reasonable, simple and compact, small size, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, easy to wear parts for easy replacement.

Select the gap between the rotor and the stator, adjust the speed of the corresponding rotor speed, then make the grinding process in the best condition.

The machine has a good sealing performance, built-in labyrinth seal, machine door with “0” type sealing ring, no dust leakage.

The material space of the crushing chamber is large. Due to the speed of high-speed rotation, with a large amount of air, which has self cooling function, using partial crush thermal sensitive material.

Bearing system adopts imported technology with long working time.

The pipeline is connected with a quick dismantling type structure, which can be quickly and conveniently disassembled and assembled.

Equipped with pulse type dust collector, no dust in the production process, the powder in the air bag can complement interception powder, exhaust emissions to meet the requirements of environmental protection and clean.

Powder bag complement interception powder can effectively recycle, reduce material loss rate.


This machine is suitable for brittle resilient materials, as well as dry or high moisture content of crystalline materials. Product fineness is less than 50μm, the fineness can be changed by adjusting the speed of the rotor or change the number and arrangement of needle sticks.

Product technologies:
Fineness range from 60 mesh to 200 mesh
Fineness can be adjusted by the rotor speed and grinding tool selection
Relative linear speed up to 150m / sec
Can handle the different materials of Mohs hardness 2-3.5
Easy to operate, easy to clean
The scope of application from the laboratory model to large-scale production models

Technical parameter
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