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Dust-free feeding station

Dust-free feeding station

Dust-free feeding station

Detailed description
Applications:  This system can be used for the unpacking, discharging and sieving of middle and small bags in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, especially for the discharging and sieving of materials with poor flowability. Dust can be avoided during the unpacking process with the help of the dust collecting fan. System Structure: Bag dump station: This system is composed of manual unloadingbin, pressure-proof unloading platform, discharging hopper, vibrating sifter, filtering system, dust-collecting system, blowback airbag, vibrating motor, etc. Bag discharging station: This system is composed of manual discharging silo, pressure-proof unloading platform, safety screen mesh, filtering system, dust collecting system, blowback airbag, etc. Working Process: The bag is manually opened and put into this system when materials in the bag are required to be discharged into the next process. The dust in the discharging process can be collected by the dust collecting fan. The vibrating screen mesh (safety screen mesh) can block the oversized and foreign materials while qualified materials can be smoothly discharged to the next process.
Technical parameter
Model Main Structural Dimensions(mm) Filter Area Filtering wind speed Capacity Ari Pressure Wind Total power
L W H1 H2 m/min T/h Mpa m³/h KW
JB-3 1200 800 2100 900 0.75 0.6-0.8 0-6 0.6 1650 1.1
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