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JB Series Dedusting Box

Dust gas into the air inlet through the hopper, part of the larger particles in gas dust separated by the effect of inertia force, directly into the bottom ash hopper. Dust gas through ash hopper roar into the body of filter areas,then gas pass filter bags and dust trapped on external surface of the filter bags. After purification, the gas after filtering on the mouth into the box, discharge from the air outlet.

Longer duration of filter, filter bags dust layer become thickness, increasing resistance of dust , when the resistance rises to the set data ,ash removal device start working. Gas down to the dust fall into ash hopper, discharge by the ash hopper.

Product features

Elegant & splendidWhole machine are made from full stainless steel including draught fan, it is  accord with working environment of food grade.

High efficiencyThe single drum filter of folding micron grade can absorb more powders.

Strong strength:Special design of multi blade wind wheel with more stronger suction ability.

Convenient cleaningOne-key type vibration cleaning powders, be more efficient to remove the powders which attached the cylinder filter, clean dusts efficiently.

HommizationAdding remote controlling system, be convenient to distance controlling equipment.

Lower noisesSpecial insulation cotton reduce noises more efficiently.

Detailed description
Technical parameter
Model Main Structural Dimensions(mm) Blowing rate Filter size Pressure  Equptment max noise Tatal power Machine weight
L W H m3 mm Pa dB KW Kg
JB-DC1 670 550 1620 750-1050 325*600*1个 940-690 60 1.62 152
JB-DC2 710 630 1740 1350-1650 408*660*1个 960-580 65 2.32 190
JB-DC3 770 670 1810 1700-2400 325*600*2个 1680-1100 70 3.12 235
JB-DC4 830 720 1880 2650-3500 408*660*2个 1680-1100 70 4.12 290
JB-DC5 910 760 1970 3800-4500 325*600*3个 1680-1100 75 5.62 350
JB-DC6 960 800 2020 4800-7000 325*600*4个 1680-1100 75 7.62 420
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