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JB Series Solid Preparation Granulator System

JB Series Solid Preparation Granulator System

Detailed description
Introduction of Granulating & drying module system Granulating closed combined system ,CCS (Closed Combined System) is the most advanced international granulation process my company introduced recently,which uses modularity design. The granulation process of is closed, avoiding secondary pollution during transfer process, ensure the granulation process in accordance with GMP requirements.The system has the following advantages: The traditional granulation technology is to set a separate purification room with every equipment. For example, wet granulation equipment is put in a purification room, Fluidizing drier is put in a purification room , total mixing and granulation equipment is put in another purification room.In that way, the material needs to be transferred between different rooms, and secondary pollution cannot be avoided. While CCS granulation module system adopts closed transportation way, ensure the granulation process be completed in a clean room,completely eliminating the man-made secondary pollution. CCS granulation process is more scientific and reasonable, and reduces the space occupied by the equipment, so that the production process is better in line with the GMP requirements. CCS granulation system fully considers the matching of the equipments in the system. Yields of different parts is reasonably allocated to ensure the stability and continuity of production. By adopting integrated control system, it can collect and formulate process data of wet granulation, fluidizing dry granulation in the form of networks.In a control center , multiple equipments’ parameter setting and monitoring are controlled , so that the production process is fully automated, and stability is ensured.At the same time,it has obvious advantages in explosion-proof. In this system ,wet method granulator and fluidizing drying granulator are fully reflected.At the same time conjunction of wet granulator and dry granulator assures high granulation rate of finished products. It can also be used to solve the problem of proprietary Chinese medicine paste granulation. The vacuum feeder,transfer lifting device in the system has advantages of high automatical production conditions, reducing labor intensity and the dust pollution. The system sets automatic cleaning nozzles in different places, so that the CIP cleaning is guaranteed.
Technical parameter
Model CCS 150 CCS 300 CCS 400 CCS 600 CCS 800 CCS 1000 CCS 1250 CCS 1800
Max usable volume (L) 150 255 385 550 720 1000 1200 1600
Typical batch size range (kg) 25-75 40-130 40-190 90-280 120-360 200-150 200-600 270-800
Air flow rate (Nm3/h) 1650 3500 3500 4500 6000 8000 9000 12500
Total Power supply (KW)*2 43 62 70 95 95 180 205 275
Max.compressed air supply (Nm3/h)*2 170 170 170 180 180 190 200 250
Max.steam consumption (m3/h)*3 80 170 170 210 210 390 460 610
Max.cooling water consumption (m3/h)*4 4 7 7 9 9 17 20 25
Total WIP supply (m3/h) 3-4 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-6 4-6 5-7 5-7
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